Drago Lembeck and Patty Cat Badpuppy

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Title: Drago Lembeck and Patty Cat Badpuppy
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Description: Drago Lembeck and Patty Cat (aka Damian Dickey) come together today to bring us one of Badpuppy's hottest scenes. The scene opens with the two young men gazing lustfully into each other's eyes then Drago and Patty are ready to get down to business! They get things going with a hot makeout session and some heavy petting. Like all horny young men, these two love to get a little rowdy, and they get into a playful wrestling match. This gets their blood pumping, and their cocks stiffening. Drago is the first to start sucking some hard cock, and Patty is more than willing to lie back and let him go to town. These two look so sexy as Drago kneels down into between Patty's legs and gets a big dick stuffed down his throat. After a few minutes, it is Drago's turn to relax and enjoy a sweet blowjob. Patty Cat works his mouth expertly on that hard rod, tonguing the swollen head, and gently massaging Drago's full balls. Drago and Patty trade rimjobs, and then it's time to really get the ball rolling. Patty Cat bends over to let Drago stuff his big hard cock into that tight asshole. The two men are in heaven as Drago pumps in and out of Patty's perfect body. Their muscles flex, and the look on both men's faces read lust and satisfaction. The sounds of sex fill the air as Drago continues to pump away to his heart's content. Soon Patty's tight ass brings his partner to an explosive orgasm. Drago pulls out and paints his bottom's ass with his sticky load. Drago Lembeck and Patty Cat have excellent chemistry that make this scene one you cannot miss! Original release date: April 6th, 2015.
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Added: 2016-08-26

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