Randy and Eric Badpuppy

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Title: Randy and Eric Badpuppy
Description: Randy Harris and Eric Forbes were moving into their new apartment when Eric walks in to finds Randy taking a break on the sofa. Eric walks over and kisses a sleepy Randy on the lips waking him with a smile. The two embrace in a deeper kiss as Eric climbs on the sofa with Randy. Eric pulls off his shirt and pants while Randy begins nuzzling in Eric's underwear as certain things begin popping to attention. Pulling down Eric's shorts Randy is greeted with Eric's cock standing at attention and wanting some oral stimulation. Eric follows and kneels down on the floor beside the sofa, unzips Randy's pants and slowly pulls them off. Eric begins massaging Randy's cock through his shorts before finally pulling them off and swallowing every inch of Randy's thick dick. With his rock hard cock at full attention, Randy stands next to Eric, shoves his cock back into Eric's mouth and starts face fucking him rather vigorously. Before long, Eric is kneeling on the sofa, his ass in the air, waiting for his hole to be filled with Randy's thick piece of meat. Eric takes an ass pounding in three different positions before he cannot take it anymore. Randy is ready to blow so Eric sits down on the sofa, Randy takes his cock in hand again and begins jerking it until he blows his thick load of jizz all over Eric's face and chest. Eric can't restrain his excitement and squirts his cum all over his hand and cock. Now that they have properly initiated their new apartment they can get back to work. Original release date: August 14th, 2016.
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Added: 2016-08-26

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