Neo Fucks Andy Bang Bang Boys

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Title: Neo Fucks Andy Bang Bang Boys
Description: Andy is on the balcony enjoying the view - all the while craving cock. He makes a call and before you know it hung stud Neo walks through the door. He can't wait to shove that cock in his mouth. Neo pulls his handsome face far down onto his cock - Andy gags and chokes. Neo flips him over to rim his perfect ass - getting it ready to receive his thick beast of a dick. Andy's hole is good and ready and he climbs onto that cock and bounces - swallowing every inch with a grin and a grimace. It feels good - really good - insanely good and Andy cums all over himself while Neo is filling his hole. Featuring Andy Star, Neo. Original release date: September 16th, 2016.
Category: Bang Bang Boys
Added: 2016-09-17

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