Sexual Harmony 2 Japan Boyz

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Title: Sexual Harmony 2 Japan Boyz
Description: Well, the secret is out and it seems that both boys share more than just being gay; if a relationship is possible, Haruto wants to make sure the sex is good, first. Haruto will top Seki; seeing if they are compatible can be "hard" work. After Haruto lubes up and fingers his partner, Seki welcomes his partner's dick inside. Passionately kissing, the pair "moves" as one; even a change of positions has them "connected." Up close, we see the deep thrusting of the top, inside Seki's willing hole. Gasping and moaning, they continue to "fulfill" each other's desires. Standing, Haruto has the bottom pinned up against the wall, undulating. Sitting intertwined, the boys kiss and stroke until Haruto pushes Seki down and explodes all over the boy's torso. Seki then jerks until he too releases onto his groin; the creamy droplets of delight spot his pubes. Original release date: March 8th, 2015.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2016-11-27

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