Sex at Your Service 2 Japan Boyz

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Title: Sex at Your Service 2 Japan Boyz
Description: After Keita has sized up our service boy, Kinjiro, and now thoroughly gauged him, Keita slides on a glove and ready to get his money's worth; not to mention a "money shot." Sliding his cock in, Keita fucks Kinjiro on his back first. Then, it seems that Kinjiro would like to take a ride and mounts Keita; giddy-up boys. When it seems that Kinjiro has had enough riding for today, Keita decides it's time to walk the doggy; doggy style that is. Keita pounds away and to show his appreciation of this service boy, he leans down over his back and shares a kiss while his cock is buried deep in Kinjiro's ass. When the two are ready to call it quits for one day, Kinjiro lays back on the bed with Keita on his knee's between his legs and the two finish with a good jerk. When it comes to Keita, we know his loads are backed by plenty of pressure. This boy could blow the back of a man's throat out. Keita let's lose and blows his load up onto Kinjiro's shoulder and all down his torso and sexy happy trail. Kinjiro blows right after and no slouch when it comes to blowing a load. Kinjiro shoots straight up into the air and actually splatters his own mouth and chin with his first pressure release and then coats his torso with thick creamy jizz. We're definitely going to need the tongue bath crew for this one. Original release date: March 23rd, 2015. From the web series: Sex at Your Service.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2016-11-27

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