The Straight Boy Japan Boyz

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Title: The Straight Boy Japan Boyz
Description: Pushing Kiba's straight boundaries, Japan Boyz has a surprise for him today; like life, "just go with the flow," is the theme of this video. Rubbing himself, Kiba gets aroused and strips down. His tight twink body is in perfect contrast to his hairy groin and flushed dick. Having fun, he is startled by Khan, Kiba's surprise partner for today. The straight boy won't need to "finish" by himself. "Just give him your cock," is the suggestion of the cameraman. Lying back and taking it, Khan begins to work on the boy; sucking his nipples and stroking Kiba's dick. Things are beginning to look "up" as Kiba relaxes. Moving his lips down south, Khan continues to help "motivate" the boy, whose breathing becomes deeper as his torso flexes. By the time Khan goes back to using his hand, Kiba is close and says he is, "okay right now" with it. Cumming, Kiba explodes all over Khan's hand and his own torso. He then agrees that the hand job was "awesome." We get the two in the shower and joke about Kiba's future. There is definitely something fulfilling about guy on guy sex, I just can't put my finger on it right now, but we'll have Kiba back, so he can. Original release date: March 30th, 2015.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2016-11-27

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