The Call Boy Japan Boyz

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Title: The Call Boy Japan Boyz
Description: Hisoka orders up a Japan Boyz, "twink boy with smooth skin" and in walks Fuji, the embodiment of perfection. Wanting to "rope" him, Hisoka makes sure the boy is up for some kink; a few extra bucks has Fuji down to be tied up. "Dressing" his partner, Hisoka thinks he's in control, but call boy lets him know that for today, Fuji will top and Hisoka is to be his slave. Not sure if he's okay with Fuji taking the lead, once Fuji is on his knees, things seem to be getting better, and bigger. Feasting on fat cock, Fuji then starts to employ some toy to his boy. "I want to check your ass," commands Fuji; Hisoka complies and rolls his legs over his head. Checking his hole, Fuji comments that his partner looks like he enjoys getting fucked. Lubing up, the top works his way in; one, two, three digits has Hisoka "taking it in the end." Using some beads also has the top very impressed with Hisoka's "swallowing" abilities. Ready to fuck, Hisoka rides astride Fuji, who is "handy" as well. Rolling Hisoka to his back, Fuji goes full force as both are engaged and engorged, until the bottom blows his load. Streaking his stomach, Hisoka then awaits the cream of Fuji. Jerking hard, the top spews his jizz; the workday is done. Original release date: April 12th, 2015.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2016-11-27

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