Center of Attention Japan Boyz

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Title: Center of Attention Japan Boyz
Description: When it comes to group sex, 3 ways or more, there always seems to be one guy that's the center of attention. Today, Haruto is more than happy to fill the spot with Yuto and our new cummer Masato. Haruto and Yuto are no strangers to one another and they're here to help Masato get acquainted with how we do things here at Japan Boyz. While Yuto reacquaints himself with Haruto, Masato is busy getting to know Haruto and his large Asian endowment. Even before Haruto's pants come off, it's obvious that he's thoroughly enjoying being the "center of attention" in this scene. Yuto and Masato double team Haruto's cock as there's plenty to go around. Then Yuto decides to face fuck Haruto leaving Masato to get better "acquainted" down below. Joining forces again, Haruto gladly lays back and let's the two of them have their way. The excitement is a bit too much for Yuto and he's ready to blow; and blow he does. All over Haruto's chest. That pushes Haruto right to the edge and he unloads on his stomach adding to the cum pool. Not leaving our new cummer out, Haruto and Yuto both kiss and suck on Masato's nipples until he blows streams of jizz all over himself. Original release date: April 19th, 2015.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2016-11-27

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