My Turn Part 1 Japan Boyz

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Title: My Turn Part 1 Japan Boyz
Description: Teaming up for some Japan Boyz gratification, Khan, Kaoru and Seki get chummy while getting chubby. With the trio grinding and sucking, all of their dicks come up for a lick. Kaoru's "sucked in the middle" and then puts his own lips to good use, on Khan and Seki. All three share their "oral fixation" actively; looks like Seki is getting "double-teamed." As his balls jump for elation, this boy is thoroughly "treated." With Khan's dick being passed back and forth, he stands as the other two "deliver." Getting more comfy, the twinks lie on the bed and swap spit and positions. No one's dick is left unattended as Khan gloves up for Seki. Don't worry, part two has more "in" depth penetration as everyone will "get a turn." And with "quarters" being so close, you never know just who's "in" and "out;" I'm thinking the only way to finish, is with a blast. Original release date: May 3rd, 2015. From the web series: My Turn.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2016-11-27

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