The Photo Shoot Part 1 Japan Boyz

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Title: The Photo Shoot Part 1 Japan Boyz
Description: Getting some "foot-age" for a local gay club, things just didn't go as planned. Masato, in the black thong, and Fuji in the red "rubber band" were very hot. As you can see, they were both more than ready to give it their best "shot." At this point, we just let the boys play and let the Japan Boyz camera roll. Fuji is first to "unlace" Masato and gobble him up, then it's Fuji's turn. By the time these two are done sucking, they are intertwined and all wet; Fuji adds a face fuck to "pump things up." Putting Masato's legs over his head, Fuji rolls him up like a Tootsie-Roll and sucks for all the flavor. Then adding some lubed fingers to Masato's hole, Fuji "in-plores" as he pokes and sucks simultaneously. When the camera zooms in, we get a great shot of Masato's hole and Fuji's "plugger." In the next part of this pairing, the wrestling turns into a match made in heaven. Original release date: May 25th, 2015. From the web series: The Photo Shoot.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2016-11-27

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