Cock Worship Japan Boyz

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Title: Cock Worship Japan Boyz
Description: You may recall Natsume when he did a solo for us in his first video with Japanboyz. After his "shoot" we had the chance to talk more with this young Japanese twink. Natsume admitted that he is really not that experienced in the "sex arena." He know he likes guys. He admits that he has fantasized about having sex with some of the guys he knows when he jerks off. He's only sucked one guy and knows that he loves to suck cock. Boy-oh-boy does he! We didn't want to rush Natsume being he hasn't had much experience and paired him up with Hisoka. Talk about a nice cock! We're sure Natsume will thoroughly enjoy Hisoka. They sit on the stairwell outside the apartment and get to know one another a little before coming inside. Once inside, Natsume couldn't wait to see Hisoka's cock. Watching him as he "unwraps" Hisoka was; well. refreshing if not just damn cute. It was like watching someone unwrap presents and had that same big smile once he got Hisoka's pants down. We have dubbed Natsume the "cock worshipper" and you'll know why when watching him in this video. Natsume didn't want to let go or stop sucking Hisoka. At one point while filming, we suggested they change up the action. Hisoka was quick to say "No, no, no, we're fine. He really sucks good cock." Finally the two do a little 69'ing and Hisoka has his eye on Natsume's cute bubble butt. The boys decide to finish up in the shower and when the time "cums" they each give each other a facial and finish washing up afterwards. Original release date: June 9th, 2015.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2016-11-27

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