Better Than Your Boyfriend Japan Boyz

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Title: Better Than Your Boyfriend Japan Boyz
Description: Yura, on the left, tells Natsume that he likes him. Even though Natsume has a boyfriend, Yura makes it known that he would really like to be "in" the boy. Teasing and arousing his partner, Yura begins to kiss this Japan Boyz bottom; Natsume gives in and will "give it up." Showing his aggressive topping skills, Yura gags and "pinches" his partner. Lubed and toyed, the top takes his time to make sure Natsume is ready to take his thick dick. "Try to relax," comments Yura while he continues to gauge the boy's hole. With lots of lube and toys, Yura soon has he and his partner, "glistening and foaming" nicely. Using various positions, both boys are enjoying the pairing; Natsume's moans increase with each deep thrust. Ready to blow, the two jerk until Natsume's hand is filled with thick cream. Yura decides to mark the boy and "lathers" on Natsume's face. Original release date: June 23rd, 2015.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2016-11-27

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