Good Enough to Eat Japan Boyz

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Title: Good Enough to Eat Japan Boyz
Description: While Riku relaxes in bed, Hisoka takes the "opportunity" to undress his partner; look at that, already stiff. Using his mouth to hush the boy, Hisoka bobs and pleases. When done sucking, Riku gives a, "thanks," then rolls over on his knees. Fingering his hole, Hisoka's got "bigger plans" for the hottie in this Japan Boyz video. Taking his turn to suck, Riku "nipples up" to Hisoka and rubs his cock. The two 69 and "dine" before Hisoka slides in and thrusts; Riku moans as the thick cock gauges. Getting his "groove on," the bottom straddles and works himself down onto the top's cock. Getting an even better vantage point, Riku is doggied then "showered" as Hisoka "rains" on his partner's back. Riku gets a lick as he creams onto his own porcelain skin. Showering off, again the boys pair up; looks like Riku wants a second cumming. Original release date: November 9th, 2015.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2016-11-27

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