Call Me Anytime Japan Boyz

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Title: Call Me Anytime Japan Boyz
Description: Hell, we'd all like to get a call like this one for Japan Boyz. Shosei is offered Kinjiro's ass; get in line. This steamy video has enough tongue, cock and ass to feast on for a week. As the two settle "in," arousal areas are explored. Shosei "multitasks" on his bottom boy. By the time he undoes Kinjiro's pants, the boy is hard as a rock. Bobbing on Shosei's thick knob, Kinjiro's mouth is "butt" the first orifice Shosei will have. Leg up and lubed, the top fingers Kinjiro's sweet extra hairy hole; Shosei takes his time and plays before "widening" the boy's stance. Climbing atop, Kinjiro takes control and grinds; the pair tweak each other's hard nipples. As the top strokes his partner while fucking him, Kinjiro shoots off a massive load. Stroking himself, Shosei splashes Kinjiro from neck to groin. Shit, you can call me anytime. Original release date: December 22nd, 2015.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2016-11-27

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