Fuji Cums Back Japan Boyz

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Title: Fuji Cums Back Japan Boyz
Description: Catching up with Fuji, yes, he's back! Your favorite Japan Boyz model has been "finding himself" all around Japan. Gone for almost a year, we're glad he at least "found his ass" and got it back here. Today you've got him all to yourselves; a super-hot twink who knows how to please. Removing his pants, Fuji rubs his hardened cock and presents his beautiful ass. Spreading his cheeks, he turns back and smiles, then rolls over to tug. With no one here to fuck him, Fuji plays to the camera and "begs" for a cock; he soon finds something to "slide into." Fingering his "winker," the hottie gauges with three fingers then a dildo, pumping it back and forth. Up on his knees, he fucks himself with the toy; his taint, balls and flaccid cock "respond" quickly. Always having the most silky skin and boyish looks, I pan up and down for all to enjoy; Fuji continues going "in and out." Close, he lubes up his cock as the dildo "throbs." From his fully-engorged head, Fuji streams cum, landing it on his "chubby" stomach. Original release date: February 1st, 2016.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2016-11-27

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