Ross and Shane Twinks in Shorts

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Title: Ross and Shane Twinks in Shorts
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Description: It's been a while since we've seen dark-haired college hunk Shane Hirch. Then again, he's been busy hitting the books instead of hitting the sheets. Now that he's on a hiatus, we were able to lure him back to Twinks in Shorts to give slender waif Ross Mitchell a much needed massage. After telling Shane what Ross would like him to focus on, the skinny twink lays face down and gives his body up for Shane to manipulate. The handsome hunk gets his hands all slippery with oil and starts working on Ross' sore body. As Shane kneads Ross however, the twink makes it clear he needs his ass played with. Shane shoves a hand deep in Ross' shorts, his fingers in the cleft of a sweet ass. Soon, Ross is stripped down naked and fully hard. Shane strokes Ross, playing him like a musical instruments as he runs his slick hands up and down the blond's body. But especially his ass. And what a pretty ass it is, too! Smooth and pink and petite. In fact, Shane has a woody in those black baggy shorts of his but this massage is about Ross, his body, and his hole. After working Ross and edging him to the brink, hunky muscled Shane lets Ross take over when he can't hold out any longer and absolutely, positively has to get off with a huge load for a massage with a happy ending. Featuring Shane Hirch, Ross Mitchell. Original release date: October 18th, 2016.
Added: 2016-12-02

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