Joel and Trent Twinks in Shorts

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Title: Joel and Trent Twinks in Shorts
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Description: After giving so many massages, Joel Vargas finally schedules an appointment for himself. The dark-haired hunk places his body completely in Trent Tarzan's trust and he's not disappointed as the long-haired blond muscle hunk truly knows what he's doing. After getting his hands all slick and slippery with oil, Trent goes to town on Joel's perfectly toned body. With a bit of effleurage and petrissage, the basics of Swedish massage, Trent then gives Joel a bit of tapotement or, as some call it, rhythmic tapping. Soon, however, under the shade of a large tree and the cool outdoor breeze on his skin, Joel gets horny. Trent slides the young hunk's shorts off and kneads his meaty glutes before shoving a hand between Joel's legs and milking his hard cock. Trent then gets into massaging Joel's balls, rolling them around in one hand before massaging his hole, teasing the opening, and pressing into that tender taint. When he's good and ready, Trent flips Joel over and gives the dark-haired hunk the fat uncut cock a terrific handjob that makes Joel blow a huge load and, along with it, a lot of pent-up pressure. Featuring Trent Tarzan (aka David Kadera), Joel Vargas (aka Petr Zuska). Original release date: October 25th, 2016.
Added: 2016-12-02

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