His Uncut Package Titan Men

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Title: His Uncut Package Titan Men
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Description: Lounging outside, Hunter Marx strokes his cock -- which pulses as he licks his hand. He squeezes it inside his trunks to greet deliveryman Matthew Bosch -- whose own bulge catches Hunter's attention. The uniformed stud sees Hunter's movies in the box: "I thought you looked familiar! I've always fantasized about doing porn." Hunter gives him an instant audition, pulling Matthew close for a kiss, their foreheads touching as they rub each other's bods. Hunter works up Matthew's dick, teasing the foreskin before trying to take it deep. The breathless sucker moans "Fuck!" as he comes up for air, spit dripping from his beard. Matthew sucks Hunter back, spit sliding from his mouth to the shaft and down Hunter's sac. Hunter eats and spreads Matthew's furry hole before fucking him from behind, ass hairs clinging to his shaft. Matthew sits down on Hunter, then fucks him back before taking it again -- Hunter dumping his wad on the bottom's pubes and sac. From the film: Package. Original release date: July 6th, 2016. Full title: Package: Matthew Bosch Delivers his Huge Uncut Package to Hunter Marx's Mouth and Ass.
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Added: 2016-12-31

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