Xmas Wank Party Part 2 William Higgins

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Title: Xmas Wank Party Part 2 William Higgins
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Description: In part two of Christmas Wank Party 2016 we have Rosta Benecky, Tomas Fuk, Kuba Neval, and Adam Rezal. Kuba is rimming Adam as Tomas Rims and sucks Rosta. Then each pair kiss as they transition into fucking. Rosta moves onto his knees as Adam lays on his back. Kuba slides his stiff cock into Adam's waiting ass as Tomas starts to fuck Rosta's hot hole. They moan as the fucking heats up. Adam's dick really stretches Adam's tight ass and Tomas pounds away at Rosta's. Kuba holds onto to one of Adam's feet as he dick slams in and out of the eager hole. Rosta moans so loudly as Tomas fucks him so hard and fast. Adam's dick is hard as Kuba keeps fucking him. Tomas' cock goes deep into Rosta's hole as he keeps up the hard fucking. Then he pulls out and kisses Rosta as partners are swapped. Kuba and Tomas sit so that Rosta and Adam can sit on the waiting cocks. They each slide up and down on the stiff dicks. Kuba wanks Rosta's massive cock as the ass slides up and down on his. Adam rides Tomas' cock with his own cock flailing about. Tomas runs his hands all over Adam's sexy chest as the ass works all over his cock. Then Rosta and Adam lay son their sides for Kuba and Tomas to spoon them. Adam wanks his dick hard and fast as Tomas pummels his hot hole. His cock releases the hot cum as Tomas is deep in hishole. Adam milks all the cum from his cock as his hole continues to take Tomas big cock. Rosta moans loudly as he is fucked deep by Kuba. He wanks his big dick too as he takes the cock in his hole. Rosta's wanking soon forces the hot cum out of his cock as Kuba's dick is deep in his ass. Kuba pounds the tight hole and them pulls out to shoot his creamy cum all over Rosta's cock and balls. Then the two of them kiss again. Meanwhile Tomas continues to pound Adam's hole until he is ready to blow too. With his balls so tight he pulls out and dumps his cum over Adam's sexy ass. Tomas turns his head and kisses Rosta and Kuba moves over to kiss Adam to end a great Wanky Party. Featuring Rosta Benecky, Tomas Fuk, Kuba Neval, Adam Rezal. From the web series: Xmas Wank Party 2016. Original release date: December 28th, 2016.
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Added: 2017-01-05

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