Helping Hand Charlie Straight Off Base

Title: Helping Hand Charlie Straight Off Base
Description: Straight off base, Lance Corporal Charlie, makes a return visit to the Major's place to rub another one out. LCpl Charlie spent the previous night at a local beach house with his battle-buddies and a few hot "bitches" partying and enjoying some martinis. He says he skipped getting any action with the girls and returned to barracks early because he knew he wanted to "save" his load for the Major's vid camera. LCpl Charlie gets out of his clothes and proceeds to stroke his cock until the Major introduces his young Marine neighbor Logan to lend a helping hand. Logan masterfully works Charlie's cock up to an explosive climax and unloads several thick cum-blasts directly at Charlie's face. Featuring Charlie. Original release date: September 14th, 2016.
Added: 2017-02-17

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