Chandler Straight Off Base

Title: Chandler Straight Off Base
Description: Straight off base, USMC Private First Class Chandler is just a few months out of Marine boot camp. PFC Chandler is 18-years old and hails from Illinois. This lean and tatted stud stands at 5'10" tall and weighs in at 155 lbs. Major Wood asks if he played any sports in high school. Chandler chuckles that he wasn't really 'coordinated enough' for sports, but he did enjoy 'participating in some illicit activities' with a cute girl a few houses down the street. It became his first sexual experience and PFC Chandler tells us a little bit about the fun they had. Chandler went on to tell about a hot 3-way he experienced a bit later on with one of his friends from school and a girl they knew. Chandler says "we were pretty good buddies...and she was all about it!" The Major instructs PFC Chandler to remove his clothes, revealing a nicely worked-out, firm body and an already-stiff and very thick cock. He strokes his well-lubed weapon for the Major's camera and blows his thick, creamy load all over his tight stomach. Featuring Chandler. Original release date: October 19th, 2016.
Added: 2017-02-17

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