Josh Dors Butch Dixon

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Title: Josh Dors Butch Dixon
Description: A big, dark-dicked daddy, with a stiff, very substantial, uncut cock and a a hungry hole, welcome Josh Dors. This arse-eating, hole-pumping, daddy with a cock - 'well worth shouting about', is insatiable and he loves to show off for the camera and he's got a lot worth showing off. Look at the size, weight and girth of that donkey dick, and such a long, rubbery foreskin, just that little bit extra to play with. Josh shows it all off, from his muscular body to his expert waking technique, that coaxes a thick, steaming, sticky load out onto his hard belly to run upwards between his pecs towards his handsome face. Featuring Josh Dors. Original release date: August 6th, 2016.
Category: Butch Dixon
Added: 2017-03-13

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