Honza and Erik William Higgins

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Title: Honza and Erik William Higgins
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Description: Honza Onus is in the army barracks, sleeping. Erik Drda, his superior, comes in and finds him and wakes him up. Erik tells him to get up and makes him fold his clothes. Then Erik finds that Honza has been drinking and decides that he must be punished. He makes Honza take his pants down and starts to cane his ass. Honza moans as the cane lands and stings his ass. Honza apologizes for his behavior, but Erik is not satisfied yet. He opens his pants to release a rock hard cock. Honza has to drop to his knees and suck on the officer's cock. he quickly sucks and licks the stiff cock. Then both guys removes their pants and lay on the lower bunk, in a spoon position. Erik's stiff cock slides deep into Honza's ass and begins to fuck him. Honza's hole opens up and takes the rock hard cock as it fucks him hard. Erik changes position but keeps fucking Honza's hot hole as deep as he can. He turns Honza so that he is on his belly and continues to fuck his ass. Honza moans as he takes the dick deep in his hole. Then they move back to spoon and Honza wanks himself as Erik keeps up his hard fucking. With Erik fucking him so well Honza's dick is rock hard and soon shoots the creamy cum all over his right thigh. Erik continues his hard fucking as Honza milks the cum from his cock. Then Erik pulls out and dumps his hot load all over Honza. Featuring Honza Onus (aka Shane Hirch), Erik Drda. Original release date: February 20th, 2017.
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Added: 2017-03-26

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