Wank Party 82 Part 1 William Higgins

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Title: Wank Party 82 Part 1 William Higgins
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Description: Wank Party #82, featuring Tomas Fuk, Dusan Polanek, Martin Polnak, and Romi Zuska is a lovely Dreamset, suggested by Daniel a long-time supporter of the site. Part 1 starts with Martin in the bathroom, rinsing his mouth. Then he goes into the bedroom and lays on the bed. As he rests Romi, Tomas and Dusan rush into the room and overcome him. They tie his hands behind his back and as he complains Romi quieten's him by pushing his stiff cock in Martin's mouth. Tomas and Dusan get their dicks out too. Soon Martin is tasting Tomas' cock too. Dusan straddles Martin as the others take turns in his mouth. Martin has to suck the cocks as his head is pushed onto them. Tomas straddles him, pushing his cock deep into the mouth. Then Dusan does the same, pulling the hot mouth onto his stiff dick. Turning him over they pull down his underwear and spank Martin's sexy ass. Then it is back to sucking cock with Romi and Dusan taking turns at pushing theirs into Martin's mouth. Then Tomas fucks his face hard. Turning Martin over again the others tickle him all over before spanking his ass some more. Featuring Tomas Fuk, Dusan Polanek, Martin Polnak, Romi Zuska. From the web series: Wank Party 82. Original release date: April 5th, 2017.
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Added: 2017-04-11

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