Kinjiro Takes a Big One Japan Boyz

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Title: Kinjiro Takes a Big One Japan Boyz
Description: Japan Boyz usually has me topping, but after seeing Takeru around and watching his videos, I wanted him to top me. Using my mouth to stimulate, Takeru is not only hung, he kisses wonderfully. Lying back he then takes my dick into his mouth and sucks me fully; he really knows how to work a guy. I reciprocate as much as I can into my mouth; he is not only large, he's so thick. Putting the condom on him, I try to be gentle; Takeru says most condoms don't fit him at all. I start off by trying to ride him, or at least get most of him comfortably in my hole; he fingered me for a bit, but there's no real way to prepare for his monster. Adding lube, we work together as I rock my hips; after a while, he slides in more easily, and then puts me on my back to fuck me. Slowly, I get used to most of his cock; the alternating sensation of pressure and pleasure has me hard as he pumps easily. He then pulls out, takes off the condom, and we stroke together, intertwined. Takeru is so gentle, even as he jerks my cock; I am surprised he takes me in his mouth again as it feels amazing. Docking our cocks, Takeru starts to cum and that drives me over the edge. I blow shooting onto his neck. Together we finish as our cocks continue to drip and rub. Kinjiro was the bottom in this sexy Japan Boyz film. Original release date: April 15th, 2017.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2017-07-20

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