Initiation Japan Boyz

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Title: Initiation Japan Boyz
Description: I love Bathhouses, they offer up some of the most gorgeous Japanese guys. Kinjiro takes a look, and enters; I'm hungry for this boy. Sucking is his cock and enjoying his tight body, hope he's up for a bit of kink; the jewelry sets the tone for me. Feasting on my cock and mouth, I do a Captain Morgan to feel his tongue. Lapping at my hole, Kinjiro then watches as I finger myself; that's my invite to glove up and go for it. Adding lots of lube, Kinjiro begins to fist me, and the sensation is amazing. Soon, Kinjiro gets the pumping just right as I sit back on his hand. With the suction and friction on point, he's going to have me releasing in no time. Turning to watch his reactions, we both agree it feels great. Our eyes lock as he pushes in to his wrist; I can't hold back. Releasing all that is within, I am exploding with sensations as my hole grips his hand; can't let a boy like this go. Taking care of Kinjiro with a soak and suck, now it's his turn to blow; I rub the jizz onto my cheeks. This sensual video of Alex Abysse and Kinjiro was filmed for Japan Boyz. Original release date: May 25th, 2017.
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Added: 2017-07-20

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