Hiroki Solo Japan Boyz

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Title: Hiroki Solo Japan Boyz
Description: The first scene I ever did was with Takeru; we had fun blowing one another on Japan Boyz. Calling me back, the site said they would like me to do a solo. Young, but legal, I really just want to film and have sex with the boys; typically I top. For me, a hot guy is someone with a lot of muscle. My own body is tight and slim, as you can see through my outfit; I enjoy wearing clothes that highlight what I have. Touching myself, I feel my smooth skin through the sheer material; the director gives me a helping hand. Pulling out my glistening uncut cock, I then use a toy to arouse. Thinking about the boy I fucked last week, I pour lube all over my body, stroke, and touch my hole. Edging myself, the director tweaks my hard nipples; I am close. As my body tightens, I can feel the load within ejaculate. It feels so good to release before getting a shower and lathering up. Soaping my body down, I make sure I get all the bits. This is Hiroki's hot solo. Please come again, we know Hiroki will. Original release date: July 4th, 2017.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2017-07-20

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