Calvin Wants to Join In French Dudes

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Title: Calvin Wants to Join In French Dudes
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Description: We have a special treat for you today guys! Calvin, is a shy kind-a-guy. An upcoming young stud still on the twinkish side that wanted to sit in on one of our shoots to watch and learn. Well, that didn't last long with the likes of Adam Atlant and Leo Helios getting it on. Calvin joined right in on the couch with them and asked Adam if he would suck his dick too. Who wouldn't? Now it's a full blown threesome with each of them taking turns sucking a cock, including Calvin. Calvin is enjoying the action, but you can tell he's new to the scene and still getting used to a camera pointed at him. Adam and Leo on the other hand, no problemo! I have to admit, that's a nice pair of low hangers on this twink and if we can get him past being nervous, I do think a nice cock to go with them. What about the ass you ask? Wait until you see Calvin get up off the couch and up on his knees. Whoa! Talk about a nice ass you can dive into face first? Wow! Make sure you have someone else around to remind you to come up for air once in a while. While Adam goes back to work on Calvin's cock, Leo takes aim at Adam's nice tight pink hole. From around back, the cameraman gives us a great view of the action with Leo's balls rocking back and forth as he pounds away at Adam's ass. Calvin just kicks back on the couch and enjoys the attention and the view and takes over stroking his cock. Gotta love the close ups of that "cute baby face" of Calvin's. Getting close, Leo takes a seat on the couch to finish jerking off while Adam eagerly awaits the "payload" with Calvin sitting beside them working his own magic. Adam lends a loving touch to help stimulate the boy a little before he stands up and strokes a load out for Leo. Original release date: September 22nd, 2014.
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Added: 2017-08-10

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