Mirror Mirror on the Wall French Dudes

Title: Mirror Mirror on the Wall French Dudes
Description: Dimitri Swaroski is in the shower with John Adams kicked back on the bed watching in anticipation of what's to "cum." Dimitri finishes in the shower and joins John on the bed taking in a little sneaker worship to start. With Dimitri's ass in the air, John gets a great view watching the action in the overhead mirror while Dimitri takes in the view from mirror on the wall. This is a setting is a videographer's dream come true. Our two boys also approve as they both enjoy the reflections. With Dimitri's hole ready for the taking, John "gloves up" and mounts Dimitri doggy-style as we watch in stereo thanks to the mirrors. It doesn't take long before John is ready to blow. Pulling out, John jerks his cock and blows his load all over the a sneaker and Dimitri's stomach. Then we get a close up of Dimitri jerking and blowing streams of jizz all over himself. Original release date: July 13th, 2015.
Category: French Dudes
Added: 2017-08-10

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