Rogue and Mick Butch Dixon

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Title: Rogue and Mick Butch Dixon
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Description: Its rough and tumble time as studly gents Rogue Status (you've seen him top but this guys a real hot bottom too) and Mick Stallone, (who's just a total versatile, stunning, cock-hound) get down to the sweaty and nasty. Mick Stallone is in like Flynn as Rogue sucks his big, dark, uncut dick to throbbing attention and spread his muscular hairy ass for the meat delivery. Mick can't wait to plunder that juicy hole and after sliding in and feeling the hot walls of Rogue's ass squeezing and needing his pulsating meat he fucks the living bejeezus out of Rogue's hot fuck-chute, and the cum out of his aching dick. We love watching these rampant studs in all their sucking, rimming, pumping squirting action and I know you're gonna love this one. Featuring Rogue Status, Mick Stallone. Original release date: April 25th, 2017.
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Added: 2017-08-10

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