Richard and Angel Butch Dixon

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Title: Richard and Angel Butch Dixon
Description: Two handsome men and a stunning hotel bed, when one of those guys is rampant dick-hog -- Angel Garcia and the other is passive, cum slut and super-sexy newcomer -- Richard Fuentes -- you know its gonna be steamy. These tattooed, big-dick lads can't wait to get down on each other. Richard is bent double offering up his hole to anything Angel wants to do with it, fingering, licking, eating out, that hairy, sweaty chute. Richard makes sure Angel's cock is ram-rod hard before he turns around again and Angel plunges the greasy meat right up to the hilt in Richards tight-hole. Richard likes it hard and Angels the man for the job as he withdraws his drooling dick and stuffs it right back in, power driving Richard's arse into aching, ecstatic submission. Its Richard's first time at Butch Dixon but if you had half as much fun watching s he did performing -- he'll back back for more dicking! Featuring Richard Fuentes, Angel Garcia. Original release date: June 1st, 2017.
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Added: 2017-08-10

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