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Title: Trey ChaosMen
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Description: Talk about horse hung! Geez! Trey is a mechanic who has been married about 5 years. It sounds like they have been sexual adventurous, and she has taken time to play with Trey's ass. Not sure who planted the seed in his head that he should do porn, but with his big cock and open mind, he was ready to give it a try. He does have a lot of tats, making me think he is a military guy, but perhaps tats are big amongst mechanics as well. Next week I have an actual military guy without any ink. So much for stereotypes! Trey also has some seriously low-hangin balls, so if you are fan of danglin' testicles, you will love this guy. For the photos we did some shots of him at the computer, jacking-off like he would at home. He got a chance to use the Fleshjack, and liked it so much he wanted to use it during his solo. His cock is so big it barely fits inside the jerk-off toy! Trey also "throws some rope" with an amazing cumshot ! Featuring Trey. Original release date: February 18th, 2013.
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Added: 2017-09-19

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