Barton and Dakota ChaosMen

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Title: Barton and Dakota ChaosMen
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Description: Talk about passion! These two hot guys are way into each other. Kissing and then getting right down to sucking each other's cocks in an eager attempt to please the other guy. They slow it down a bit, taking turns sucking each other off. Both guys eagerly rim each other's hole, and then Barton easily slides his cock into Dakota's ready hole. Barton does push-ups into Dakota's ass, working up a major sweat. Dakota then takes a crack at Barton's ass, fucking him like a pro. He is a great Bottom, but he has amazing skills as a Top! Finally, Dakota rides Barton's cock, allowing him to power fuck with rapid speed. Dakota spins around and rides backwards. He strokes his cock, edging himself closer. Barton reaches around and makes Dakota cum! A quick breather, then Barton gets Dakota on his back so he can creampie him. His aim is a little high, so he scoops his load into his hole. He then starts to fuck him with his seed, and Dakota nuts a second time! Phew! This video will leave you breathless! Featuring Barton (aka Jaxx Thanatos), Dakota. Original release date: September 1st, 2017.
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Added: 2017-10-06

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