Zack and Luke Butch Dixon

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Title: Zack and Luke Butch Dixon
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Description: Where's the beef? its here! Two mountains of muscle, colliding like Titans, just watch this two absolutely, 100% masculine beefy studs smash each other to sopping ruins. It's Zack Hood -- my latest crush, just look at that dark, smouldering stud, and letting that shaved hair grow in good and bushy. We pitted him against muscular, and very masculine stud -- Luke Ward, who's gonna bottom here! We couldn't find anywhere better to set them than at the locker room of their local gym (its amazing the locations you can get access to if you let the owner watch) and the cherry on your nasty-boy-cake? Just wait until Zack has Luke Ward down like a dog on all fours power-driving that cute, hot, hard arse into a gaping spunk hole! We get right in there for every ass rippling, sphincter stretching second -- this one is a real doozy! Featuring Zack Hood, Luke Ward (aka Ondra Matej). Original release date: November 13th, 2017.
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Added: 2017-12-16

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