Buck and Derek Gay Hoopla

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Title: Buck and Derek Gay Hoopla
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Description: Fun story before we get going. Being a porn producer means that it's never okay to have sex with the talent. So while a healthy young stud like Derek Jones has needs...we told him if you get tempted...just talk them into doing it on camera and that's okay. And that his how this scene came to be. Fans have been waiting to see this one and they won't be disappointed. This is an explosive scene. And Derek got what he wanted. It's time, muscle fans. Back when Buck Cater did his first solo, they talked about how they'd already done a hardcore scene together. Buck had bottomed before (he claims he got that perfect ass from a combination of squats and bottoming), but this was his first time topping. Buck and Derek had spent a couple days hanging out and getting to know each other, so they were already bros. It just takes the scene to a new level when you have two guys who've become friends and are now about to get naked and fuck together for the first time in front of our cameras. Buck is clearly turned on by Derek and his smile and body. Derek talks about how he likes Buck's All American look. The hot masculine energy here is so thick, they can't keep their hands off each other. Derek gets off his shirt to show off his chest and Buck immediately starts grabbing his pecs. They waste no time getting together and you can tell they've been waiting for this for a while. Two muscular tough guys going at it as they try to dominate the other. Buck's dick is hard as a rock when it comes out of his shorts and Derek's mouth is on it immediately (Derek's dick is already hard, too...these young men are unstoppable). Right at the start of the action, Buck is just a touch nervous. He tries to hide it but you can see him giving the camera a bit of a look every so often. But once Derek is sucking him hard and fast, Buck forgets all about his audience and just goes for it. After a bit of hard face fucking, the guys switch places and Buck has his mouth on Derek's stiff dick. This is when we're reminded that Derek has one filthy mouth. We also get a shot of Buck's melon ass that's so solid and round and perfect that you'll wanna jump into the action and fuck it yourself. Buck flips Derek over and buries his tongue in his hole. Buck slides his dick into Derek and doesn't waste any time at all slamming his dick in like a battering ram. Derek can barely take it...yelling things like oh my fuck it's so big. Buck grunts and groans and pounds his way through this scene like a bull. His muscles flex and tighten as he fucks Derek's hole hard. Speaking of hard, Derek's dick throbs and leaks pre-cum the whole time. He's right on the edge for this entire scene. Buck is right on the edge about to cum as he pounds Derek's hole, whipping out his dick right at the last second to cum all over Derek's ass. It's so intense, you can feel it yourself. But now...it's Derek's turn. Derek buries his face in that fucking big ass and gets it wet and ready. The muscles in his butt are so solid, it's amazing Derek is able to get those cheeks apart. Derek slides his dick into Buck and spanks his ass while thrusting in and out. Buck is gripping the couch at first a bit, but once his hole opens up, he gets back into it and keeps telling Derek to fuck him harder...(side note...in Buck's solo, they talk about how they broke the couch...well the moment the leg breaks off the couch comes here and Derek falls forward pushing his dick all the way into Buck when it happens...) Derek fucks Buck like a beast, slamming in and out while Buck takes it all. Derek finally can't take any more and whips his dick out and blows his own load all over Buck's ass. This is a really hot scene with two really hot men. And that post-scene interview is even more fun. (a second side-note...in Buck's solo he's got a bit of a cut on his nose. That's rug burn. That he got bottoming for Derek in this scene.) Featuring Buck Carter, Derek Jones. Original release date: December 15th, 2017.
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Added: 2018-01-01

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