Team Up Japan Boyz

Title: Team Up Japan Boyz
Description: I invite Keiji over for some games. While we play Badminton, I get a good look at the flexibility of this boy. Taking a break, I suggest we go back to the hotel room and shower; enough of this game, it's time to have some inside fun. Once we're both clean, I pull Keiji in for a nice long kiss; his body feels so good. Backing him up against the headboard, I lick and suck all his sexy parts. Keiji, who will bottom, also blows my big thick cock before he rides. Bouncing on me, this boy's sweet hole feels amazing; Keiji is tight, but he goes until he opens up. Taking over, I position this hot bottom however I want; he agrees, it feels good. Pumping inside, I knew this was the real fun we were both wanting. Ending up with Keiji lying in front of me, I go until I have to cum and explode all over his dick and stomach. Keiji strokes my hot cum on his dick, I take over and jerk him off until he too blows; team sports are the best. The athletic top in this Japan Boyz film is Manabu. Original release date: August 15th, 2017.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2018-01-14

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