More than a Fuck Japan Boyz

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Title: More than a Fuck Japan Boyz
Description: On the Japan Boyz website there is one very cute boy I wanted to have sex with, that is Fuji. Being told I would be paired with him, I got nervous and started thinking about what I would say. I guess you can tell since I asked him about the weather; I can be such a geek. Looking me over, Fuji seems very happy with my body, as I am with his. Kissing those soft pink lips, I enjoy his slender body, feeling him up and down. Sucking on him first, Fuji has got a perfect cock with a perfect curve; his oral skills are so sensual. I'm wondering if he has a boyfriend, I hope not. Playing on the bed, I guess I am a bit too gentle; I lube up and put one finger in, Fuji then takes over gauging himself as all his fingers go in at once. Pushing into Fuji's ass is an amazing feeling, he wraps his hole around my dick. With perfect positioning, Fuji presents his hole and grins back at me; I do hope I am satisfying him. Taking over, the hottie then shows me what a real ride is like; he asks if he may go faster. By the time I'm close, Fuji has me lying in his arms and he expresses every drop I have. He then stands while I use my mouth and hands to make him cum. I hope Fuji had as much fun as I did, he seemed to. Noboru is really enjoying his work with Fuji. Original release date: January 3rd, 2018.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2018-01-14

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