Good Guy Great Hole Deviant Otter

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Title: Good Guy Great Hole Deviant Otter
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Description: I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I get a little anxious before a hookup, especially when its with a porn star I've always wanted to fuck. Usually up until we're about to fuck my brain is all over the place, but Hans was just so friggin charming and relaxed that I was put at ease the second he arrived. After throwing back a few drinks and losing track of time we finally moved into the bedroom (which was kinda hot for me because I haven't fucked around with anyone in the master bedroom yet besides my man...but he was out of town, so yay no rules!). I could have sucked his uncut hog all day, seriously, I cannot express how much I love uncut dick. But that would have gotten monotonous so I raw-dogged his hole all over the bed. Which wasn't easy I might add, he is definitely a bottom that makes the top struggle and work for it, I was almost ready to pass out at one point. And thats why I love Hans. Featuring Hans, Devin Totter. Original release date: August 30th, 2017.
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Added: 2018-01-20

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