Two Parisians French Twinks

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Title: Two Parisians French Twinks
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Description: Paul Delay and Alexis Tivoli, our two young Parisians are spending their weekend in Nice (French Riviera). You must believe that the beach, the sun (and the cries of the gulls?) excite them because they barely get back to the hotel they jump on each other! Alexis and Paul kiss and caress while undressing. Paul unpacks Alexis' pants and releases his big cock already hard as wood. The two twinks, naked in bed, mutually jack off each other, then Paul begins sucking Alexis in deep-throat. While Alexis is literally fucking the mouth of Paul he begins to tickle the little beardless ass of the twink. The two boys moan and the excitement rises. Alexis throws himself on the bottom of Paul to lick and devour it while fingering. Paul's tight hole dilates to the rhythm of his shouts. Alexis grabs Paul and puts him on all fours to fuck him deeply. Totally dominating, Alexis sends all the power of its 20 cm (7.9) to tap in the bottom. He then stretches Paul on the stomach and fucks him more wildly before inviting the insatiable twink to come to sit on his cock. Paul is almost out of breath as Alexis pounded him, but it was without counting on the big dildo that Alexis takes from under the pillow! Yes, our stallion will finish to fuck Paul in a double penetration dildo + dick. Alexis will finally send several powerful jets of cum on the face of Paul who will cum a few seconds later. Featuring Paul Delay, Alexis Tivoli. Original release date: May 7th, 2017.
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Added: 2018-03-13

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