Enzo versus Matteo French Twinks

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Title: Enzo versus Matteo French Twinks
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Description: In this second round of Fight Soap and Fuck Enzo Lemercier confronts Matteo Lavigne in a passionate fight in the foam. The two twinks are naked, their bodies slide over each other and each one tries to subdue the other to his will. It's first Enzo who forces Matteo to suck his cock in deep-throat then the roles are reversed and Matteo takes over. These foreplays excite our two boys to the highest point and Enzo is now trying to catch Matteo to fuck him. It's after a bitter struggle that Enzo reach his goal and penetrates Matteo's little ass already well lubricated by soap. Enzo clung to Matteo's hips so as not to let him escape and pounded him wildly. Matteo is moaning during he takes the violent cocks hits and he take the opportunity of a minute of relaxation to get rid of the position. Despite his attempt Matteo is quickly caught up by Enzo who lies him on his back and fucks him with all the energy that he has. To finish in beauty and show who's the master Enzo comes to unload a good dose of sperm on the face of his partner. Featuring Matteo Lavigne, Enzo Lemercier. Original release date: August 29th, 2017. From the web series: Fight Soap and Fuck.
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Added: 2018-03-13

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