Thrill and Pleasure French Twinks

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Title: Thrill and Pleasure French Twinks
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Description: Abel Lacourt and Gaetan Phoenix spend the evening together and watch a horror movie. If Gaetan is not frightened by ghosts and other evil creatures, Abel, he is totally terrified. The twink shrieks, hides his eyes and pushes his nails into the thigh of Gaetan who finds it rather cute. After shuddering Abel will nestle in the arms of Gaetan who's happy to take care of him and change his mind. The two twinks kiss languorously, caress and their shorts reveal two beautiful bumps. Abel slips his hand into Gaetan's boxers and releases his hard cock to begin to masturbate and suck it. Abel is also hard as wood and Gaetan sucks him in turn before licking his little hole and introducing a finger, then two. The two boys moan of pleasure and are terribly excited. Gaetan then puts his dick in Abel's well-prepared ass and fucks him passionately on the sofa. The ecstasy continues when Abel comes to ride Gaetan to feel his cock in the deepest of his intimacy. This erotic rodeo and full of complicity will lead our two twinks to an explosive orgasm. Featuring Abel Lacourt, Gaetan Phoenix. Original release date: September 12th, 2017.
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Added: 2018-03-13

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