Ecstasy of Paul French Twinks

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Title: Ecstasy of Paul French Twinks
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Description: While Paul, Enzo and Gabriel were fired from the classroom by Mr. Cortes, Paul get out running in the corridors. The student then hits Mr. Marguet who was coming out from the teachers' room with a glass of water in hand. Mr. Marguet is soaked and Paul is confused and apologizes. The twink blames himself for his clumsiness and thinks he lost his chance of seducing his beautiful biology professor; but sometimes luck does things well. On entering in Mr. Marguet's class to apologize again, Paul discovers him half naked, trying to dry his shirt. When Paul says that he's ready for anything to be forgiven, Mr. Marguet takes it literally. Doryann Marguet will give Paul a moment of ecstasy of incredible intensity. The student begins by sucking his teacher with application and then has right to an anal dilation session that excites him to the highest point. The tight hole of the student expands under the expert fingers of his teacher and he's now ready to get fucked deeply. Doryann starts to pound Paul and quickly the twink feels a pleasure he has never felt before. Totally submitted to the wishes of his elder Paul gets fucked in all positions and moans requesting for more and more. Doryann varies the rhythm and power to perfection until Paul explodes in an abundant ejaculation while continuing to fuck him. It's with a masterly facial cumshot that Mr. Marguet will finish his private class, a lesson that Paul is not ready to forget. Featuring Doryann Marguet, Paul Delay. Original release date: October 16th, 2017. From the web series: Slutty High School Boys.
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Added: 2018-03-13

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