Celian Bukkake French Twinks

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Title: Celian Bukkake French Twinks
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Description: Celian Meyer is warming up solo before shooting a scene he thinks is a simple duo. While the twink is jacking off watching a video on his smartphone Alexis Tivoli arrives in the living room and pushes his cock already hard in the mouth of Celian. The lips of the young boy glide on the flans of Alexis and his mouth completely swallows this long and beautiful cock. Celian is sucking as an expert and Alexis moans with pleasure when Bastien arrives in turn and shakes his huge cock in front of the Celian's delighted face. Alexis and Bastien are very close, kiss and alternate their sucking in turn. Celian feasts with these two big cocks just for him when his cousin Louis Meyer bursts into the room. The twink is hard as wood and he comes in turn to sink his thick cock in the lubricated mouth of Celian. He's still on his knees and now submitted to three guys that Celian will suck until his lips chapped. The three twinks share this hot, wet and greedy mouth caressing and kissing each other until come to squirt in turn on the face and in the mouth of their sex slave. Featuring Celian Meyer, Alexis Tivoli, Bastien, Louis Meyer. Original release date: March 9th, 2018.
Category: French Twinks
Added: 2018-03-13

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