It Feels So Good Japan Boyz

Title: It Feels So Good Japan Boyz
Description: When Japan Boyz said I'd be paired with Shosei, I looked him up on the site. Wow, he's really cute and has a large cock; I want to bottom for him. Kissing and removing our underwear, I can tell Shosei is really into kissing and cuddling; I'm so glad we got paired together. With our hands and mouths running all over one another, Shosei takes our dicks and rubs them together, then lays me down and grinds on top. I can feel every inch of Shosei's body; his hands keep a firm grasp on my dick. He then rolls me up, licks my ass and gets ready to fuck me. OMG, Shosei's topping skills are amazing; I just keep whimpering how much I like it. Caressing me as he is inside, this hottie then pulls out so we may cum. It doesn't take long before Shosei shoots up to my neck; I cum immediately after that; he is so hot. Tomohisa really had a good time with Shosei and, the feeling is mutual. Original release date: February 1st, 2018.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2018-03-22

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