Fuck Me Harder Colby Knox

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Title: Fuck Me Harder Colby Knox
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Description: Nothing beats a romantic night in front of the fireplace. Scotty Knox and Colby Chambers are doing exactly that while they enjoy each others company. The fire is warm against their naked bodies and makes their skin extra sensitive to the touch. Scotty is eager to please and wants to feel the strength of Colby's Cock deep inside him. Colby is rock hard from making out with Scotty and wants nothing more than to slide his rock hard cock deep inside Scotty's warm wet asshole. Colby is gentle while pushing it in and looks Scotty right in the eyes as he slides himself inch by inch inside Scotty. The girth of the cock inside Scotty's ass is more than he is used to and accepting it is a challenge Scotty is happy to take on. A pure feeling of joy washes over Scotty's body as Colby starts to thrust slowly in and out of his tight ass. Moaning with pleasure Scotty grips the sheets on the bed, screaming fuck me harder with every twitch and nudge of his body language. Struggling to take it all with each stroke Scotty lets out a few load moans. This excited Colby even more and he can feel his cock swelling inside him wanting to explode. Before long its time and a massive load is what Scotty gets for his prize. Warm cum drips off his chin as Colby moans and growls with pleasure. Featuring Scotty Knox, Colby Chambers. Original release date: January 19th, 2018.
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Added: 2018-04-24

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