Cum and Go Japan Boyz

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Title: Cum and Go Japan Boyz
Description: I have had so much fun at Japan Boyz, but now it is time to move away and get a desk job since I have finished at the University. With Yamato as my send-off boy, I am sorry to go yet happy to help Yamato with his first scene. Trading blow jobs, we suck one another before I lube up a finger and massage his prostate; he is nervous and a bit tight. Once I have worked two fingers in, I get hard and put on a condom. Yamato is on his back and holding his legs out of the way; I do like having sex with a gay guy. Working in several other positions, we both end up hard and ready to cum. Masturbating side by side, we hold hands as we release; first me, then Yamato. I wish to thank all my fans who have enjoyed my videos. Original release date: April 2nd, 2018.
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Added: 2018-04-24

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