Cheating and Peeping French Twinks

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Title: Cheating and Peeping French Twinks
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Description: Chris Loan enjoys that his boyfriend is at work to spend the afternoon in bed with his lover Enzo Lemercier. The two guys are hot as hell and suck in turn. Enzo then starts to play with Chris's ass and it'sthe build of our athlete that will scare our intrepid blond. Enzo pushes Chris on his back and fucks him brutally. Chris more submissive than ever takes the cock of Enzo with great pleasure and the sex intensifies. Enzo uses all his energy to pound this beautiful muscular ass and while Chris is on the verge of cumming he hears the sound of the door that opens. Suddenly it's panic, Ryan Marchal is back from work early and he may surprise his boyfriend Chris in bed with Enzo! Chris hides his lover behind a screen and slips quickly under the bed cover. A bit suspicious of seeing Chris naked in bed in the middle of the afternoon, Ryan asks him questions and Chris says he was taking a nap. Once reassured by these explanations Ryan joins Chris to kiss him. Enzo, hidden behind the screen, watches the scene discreetly and he cannot resist to jack off while Ryan is fucking Chris's ass. Ryan's big cock makes Chris moan loudly and he seems to enjoy getting fucked a second time. Ryan ends up cumming on Chris's bottom when his phone rings. Ryan, the cock still covered in cum, answers the phone and move to the living room to finish his conversation. Chris takes advantage of his boyfriend is away to tell Enzo to join him. Both boys are very excited and cum together a few minutes later. Featuring Chris Loan, Enzo Lemercier, Ryan Machael. Original release date: April 20th, 2018.
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Added: 2018-05-08

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