Muscle Boy Tomoya Japan Boyz

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Title: Muscle Boy Tomoya Japan Boyz
Description: Maybe nothing's new under the Land of the Rising Sun, but we do get surprised from time to time. Lean, young Fuji interviews stocky muscleboy Tomoya and we think we know where all this is leading, especially when Tomoya confesses that he likes a little kink. But in a titillating bit of role reversal, it's Fuji who takes charge once they drop their boxers. Tomoya lies back while Fuji gives his cock a nice oral warm up; not unexpected. Then the lube comes out and it's the straightish-looking muscleboy who's getting his ass greased up and ready. Fuji positions himself at Tomoya's open thighs, and rolling on a condom, eases his hard dick into the big boy's hole. Tomoya grimaces at first, then shows how much he wants that dick inside him. He rides Fuji's thick pole like he was born to take cock. Fuji pulls out and strokes till he blasts off with a big juicy cumload all over Tomoya's abs. Then the muscleman, ass still tingling from a great fuck, works up a thick sperm explosion that dribbles down his long hard dong. Featuring Fuji, Tomoya. Original release date: June 26th, 2018.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2018-07-21

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