Some Alone Timw Doggy Boys

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Title: Some Alone Timw Doggy Boys
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Description: Leo Alfano has been in classes all afternoon, but now that he's finished his lessons for the day the handsome and sexy young man just wants to relax and listen to some music. Of course, being such a horny young guy it's not long at all before his mind is wondering and he's thinking about a few of his sexy friends. Thinking about their long uncut cocks soon has his own glorious twink dick throbbing in his pants. With no one around to disturb him he has the time to really enjoy himself, revealing his incredible bulge in his underwear, slipping off his trousers and shirt, groping his temping package and releasing his amazing cock. It's truly a sight to behold! He's a very well-endowed young man, all his friends think so. He takes hold of his long and throbbing shaft and starts stroking, sliding his foreskin back and forth, his heavy balls swinging and swaying. The tempting sight of his tight little ass has us all thinking about what it would be like to slide in deep. Imagine being inside him and bending over to suck him too, he's certainly long enough! Watch him satisfying his incredible dick and pumping milky goodness over his smooth stomach. Original release date: June 22nd, 2018.
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Added: 2018-07-21

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