Latino Boys Boys Fox

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Title: Latino Boys Boys Fox
Description: Their lessons are over for the day, but although these horny gay Latino boys would usually go home alone and have a wank, they're about to learn how much more fun they can have together! With their big uncut cocks growing in their pants Julien makes a move and invites his friend to feel his big uncut boner. Allen is too horny to say no, in moments he's feasting on the delicious long twink cock, slurping his friend's gorgeous length. The boy's lesson doesn't end there, with Julien's cock desperate for a warm and wet hole to fuck he plunges his length into Allen's tight little hole, showing him how good it can feel. You won't believe the cum loads these gay Latino boys pump out in the final moments! Original release date: July 18th, 2018.
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Added: 2018-07-21

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